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A conference on Gender Based Violence is being organised by SCADeP in the city of Bo for contractors and consultants working on the construction of two bridges along manual cable ferry crossing points in Manowa and Tompare in the Kailahun and Karene districts of the Eastern and Northern Western provinces of Sierra Leone.

The training is part of mile stones required for the commencement of the construction processes. It is intended to fully inform and educate contractors who will in turn educate their workers to observe social safeguards rules and procedures in their areas of operation.

The conference focuses on all key areas and regulations on gender-based violence which should serve as a guide to contractors and their employees.

Speaking on the importance of the conference, Mr. Abraham Karl Samura the SCADeP project communication officer while deputising the project coordinator Mr. Sulaiman Sesay noted that the conference is strategically importance because gender-based violence issues are embedded in the social safeguards requirements of the project which are also part of the World Bank procedures for the implementation of projects they fund. He said that there will always be issues emanating from human interactions and with the movement of populations to construction sites and areas, it is obvious issues relative to GBV might arise thus the conference is vital as a mitigation strategy.

Modules in the training included the introduction of the basic concept of GBV, GBV context in Sierra Leone, basic needs of survivors and guiding principles in dealing with them, the safeguarding journey, protection from sexual abuse, referral pathways and Rainbow Center services work of focal points.

SCADeP is a project under the Ministry of Agriculture that seeks to promote agricultural productive through access to finance for smallholder farmers and creating productive market linkages.

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